How much will a package cost?

The price of each school supply package will depend on the supplies that are required. Each school’s lists are unique and are priced individually according to the teacher’s requests.

The order form for each grade will be priced in two components:
The first component will be a basic package. This will include all of the items that are required and are not likely to be left over from previous years. Items in the basic package will be determined by each grade and school but will likely include things like erasers, scribblers, glue, pencils, etc.
The second component will include all other items. Items in this category are also required but may be left over from previous years. Supplies in this category would include items such as pencil boxes, scissors, dictionaries, binders, etc. Each of these will be individually priced so that the student only needs to select the quantity and items they require.

As this is a voluntary program, we recognize that our packages must be competitively priced. This is a common concern to all parents. We regularly compare our prices with Walmart, Superstore and Staples to ensure that our prices are competitive.

It is important to note that we will only be supplying quality products. We will supply the exact brands that a teacher or school requests and where not specifically requested, our products are quality brands like Hilroy, Elmers and Crayola.

Why should our school get involved in this program?

Our service provides advantages to students, parents and teachers.

Students will have exactly what they need and are ensured that they will receive quality products. As well, everyone participating will have the same supplies eliminating any distinction or competition that may result between students.

Each package will include a sheet of pre-printed labels with the student’s name on it that can be used to label supplies as required by their teacher.

Parents are ensured that their children receive exactly what they need and do not have to worry about the time and hassle associated with shopping for supplies. The frustration of fighting the crowds, traveling to many different stores and then wondering if you have bought the correct items will be eliminated.

For families ordering for 3 children or more, we offer a $5.00 discount off the total of their order.

Teachers are assured that their students will have exactly what they need to start the school year and that the supplies will be of good quality.

Can this be used as a fundraising program for the school?

Each school will have the choice to offer our program as a fundraiser for their school or parent council. If this is offered as a fundraiser, 10% of the sales from their orders will be returned to the school / council.

If a school chooses just to offer our program as a service to parents and not as a fundraiser, the packages will be priced accordingly.

If a school chooses the fundraiser option, the price of each package will be increased by 10% and the school will receive this amount as a cheque delivered with the supplies.

How do I know if there will be any interest from our school?

Someone from our company is available to attend a parent council meeting at your school and do a short presentation. We can bring order forms based on your school’s specific supply lists including prices that would enable you to get any feedback from parents and staff.

We also do not require any minimum number of orders so there is not a risk for you to offer the program to the school. It is also a voluntary program for parents, so they have the option to participate.

How do we proceed?

For information about the program, please call (780)486-4169 or email [email protected].

We can provide you with some basic information about our program and details about our time frames for the year.

You can also email or fax your school supply lists to us and we can provide a sample order form that is specific to your school including pricing, etc.

What if I want to cancel my order?

Please contact us at 780-486-4169 if you need to cancel your order and if you are changing schools, we would be happy to exchange your order for the new school specific supply package.

What if you are not satisfied with your order or there are any items missing, damaged?

If you are not satisfied with a certain product in your order, we can find a product replacement that is suitable to you.

Please call (780) 486-4169 or email [email protected] if there are any items in your package that are missing or damaged. We definitely will make all arrangements to deliver missing or damaged items to your child at their school. We want to know if anything is missing (even just 1 eraser) because that helps to improve our process for next year.

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